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After living & studying in the UK for five years, I’ve returned to my hometown of Hong Kong to revisit the bustling visual culture of Asia with new eyes.

A recent trip to Japan has revived me and has been my latest fill of inspiration! 

I’m deeply inspired by graphic shapes and colours which shows through in any medium I tackle (Ceramics, weaving, set design, animation, etc). 

My favourite passtime* is regurgitating  the visuals, content and media that inspire me, in my own way. 


*Other hobbies include crying over other people being passionate about things (i.e Bakeoff, Great pottery throwdown, Netflix’s Next in Fashion, Cheer, Gymnastics/Ice Skating at the Olympics, etc.)
Fun fact: I watched a video of someone making mozerella on Youtube and I definitely shed some tears.

Now that you know some potentially embarrassing things about me, let’s work together!

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